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Hello there!

My name is Jorge Luis Cordova Calle (owner of this site) and I’m creating this page as part of my application proccess for your network

As you can verify, this website ( is ranking #1 for the keyword “bellavei” in both Mexico and Spain, so I’m looking to join your network and start promoting that offer.

Here’s the specific product review page so you can take a look at it:

And this is a little more about me:

I’m an SEO affiliate which specializes in foreign (non-english) organic traffic.

I build and rank websites in languages like: Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Polish and Italian; always trying to bring more income to the network from un-exploited markets.

From a quick look through your offer catalog I saw that you have several offers for non-english speaking countries, so that caught my attention.

I’m looking forward to join your network and start promoting them.

Thank you very much for your time.


Jorge Luis